Atara Mechanical offers a 1 year workmanship warranty along with 1 free maintenance with all installations. Our company has relationships with multiple manufacturers to ensure the right system for your family is installed in your home. With multiple options, there is sure to be a right fit for you!


  • Ductless mini-split: Ideal for small family homes or offices that have no ductwork. This system can be specific to certain rooms to reduce unnecessary utility costs.
  • Central Units: Provides even cooling throughout the facility and includes innovative filtration to improve air quality. This system’s life expectancy is approximately 10-15 years with proper maintenances completed.
  • Heat pumps: Draws heat from the outdoor condensing unit to provide indoor heating and cooling using all the same system. This system uses less energy than other air conditioning and heating systems and has a life expectancy up to 15 years.
  • Package Units: This system is installed on rooftops rather than on the ground, saving space around your home or business. The unique design of this system allows for expansion or reduction based on your specific needs. The life expectancy of a package unit is generally 20 years with proper servicing and maintenance.



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